hey guys i want some details on dis following topic like a article…?

1.discount and service retailers shops
2.world’s largest discount retailers[their operational strategies,their supply chain,and marketing strategies]
3.service retail on discount retailers.
4.how has recession effected these shops??

need needed all these urgently…help me ..plz….

try to check on this site http://www.google.com/ there you find it.

Craigslist users: Has anyone been offered $250 to $350 a week for article writing?

I got a response from my CL post for essay editing services, and received a reply from a gentleman who claims to need articles for orphanages, an article a week for $250. Another response offered $350 for two articles per week. Has anyone gotten offers like this, and how did they work out. Is it a known scam. So far the only personal information he’s asked for is my name, address, and phone number.

It is a con game on Craigslist to get your personal financial information or to send you a phony money order. No legitimate individual or company makes offers of money before he sees your resume or portfolio. When it says orphanages, I bet you that is in Africa where all the scams come from or England from African nationals there. Ask him for his information, name address and phone number and location. You wont get it and he will invent some reason for not having meeting you in person.

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Can anyone help with job interview questions for a web marketing and customer services assistant?

Can anyone help me with interview answers for the below position?
I have a degree in graphic design but am broadening my horizons in the the type of job to which I am applying due to the current economic climate. I have an extensive range of customer service experience, I am highly computer literature, I enjoy working with people and as part of a small team.

The questions I am most struggling with are:

Why do you want this position?
What makes you the best person for the job?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Web Marketing and Customer Service Assistant

The company is small but is taking on extra staff to achieve accelerated growth.

The successful applicant will:

a) enjoy talking to and emailing customers and helping to ensure that the customers’ experience of using our websites is positive.

b) be computer literate with a good understanding of Microsoft Office software. Able to type quickly and accurately.

c) be very organised and a good administrator

d)be able to write compelling text to describe products on the website and to write press releases, articles etc. Must be able to spell and use appropriate grammar.

e) be numerate

f) enjoy working in a busy environment and be able to focus on reaching goals

Your job will be varied. It will include:

dealing with customer queries

liaising with suppliers

writing press release, articles, product descriptions

updating the website

managing stock

simple editing of photographs

selling goods on Amazon and eBay

advertising on Google (Adwords)

search engine optimisation

If you have additional skills and experience such as advanced SEO, video, social network marketing, web design, graphic design etc., we would love to hear about them and may well be able to put these skills to good use but the priority is that you meet the essential requirements above.

Why do you want this position? – say that you are looking to broaden your experience, and enhance your resume, in an arena that allows you to utilise your current skillset and expand upon it. Say that you also relish the opportunity to employ a bit of creativity in terms of producing effective advertising.

What makes you the best person for the job? – Say that your strong IT skills, coupled with your ability to think outside the box (thinking from a new perspective, or thinking unconventionally) will make you a valuable asset. Also mention your willingness to learn and your ability to self motivate.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? – Strengths could be things like aptitude with IT systems and applications, attention to detail, enthusiasm, punctuality, drive, commitment, loyalty, etc. Weaknesses shouldn’t be too contrived, in the sense that you shouldn’t try to make every weakness a ‘hidden strength’. Employers often see through that. A good one to use is that you can sometimes take on too much work out of a desire to please people. Another could be that you can occasionally linger over decision making because you are a perfectionist.

Where do you see yourself in five years time? – Say that you would like to have added some invaluable experience to what is already a strong knowledge base, and that you see web based technology and applications as a possible future for you. Mention that you hope to progress in your role, for both reasons of financial security and personal satisfaction.

Just some ideas for you.

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