How to get traffic to your web site?

I just finished a web site with my partner. I currently posted some fliers at the local gym and created a mini article and posted them at newspaper stands and magazines at the service waiting area in car dealerships.

My question is what are other ideas to market this website that are little to no cost, and what are ways to get on search engines?

I look forward to your suggestions

You should hire a good SEO….but

if you want to do it by yourself, try to do things in following order…

1- Populate targeted keywords, title and descriptions for all pages..
2- Create and upload XML-Sitemap for the website.
3- Create and upload robots.txt for the site.
4- Submite you site to major ODPs
5- Execute a consistent Link Building Campaign for the site.
6- Directory Submission
7- Article Submission
8- Social Bookmarking

you will surly get some good traffic if you could perform this tasks with efficiency…
feel free to ask for assistance, if u need anytime in future…

How do I cite and article within a book in my essay?

actually its not the citation but I got ideas from an author and put it on my essay so now I have to give credit. The book is Classical Techniques and Contemporary Arguments by Elizabeth A Stolarek and Larry R. Juchartz, and the article in there is called Solutions Homeless Peaple Seek by Steven VanderStaay. This is what I wrote "Most of the homeless do not trust the social service system, want universal health care, and rehabilitation (VanderStaay 40). Is that correct?

Just use Select the preferred citation style, and then fill in the sections. It’ll generate the citation for you, properly formatted and everything.

For your in text citation, I don’t believe that is correct. The article is inside of the book, correct? In that case, you want to cite the author of the book and the page in the book that the article came from.

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Ultra Spinnable Articles

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Are Article wizards legal?

Softwares available on market or similar services online, basically gather information from some one else’s work. Isn’t that Pilgiarism?

It’s ideas. If you phrase the same work, you’ll need to cite it. It’s plagiarism if it’s something that came from one individual that no one else knows or stated.

But putting ideas together isn’t plagiarism because that’s like reading a novel and summarizing it. But if you take an idea of someone and put it as your own, then that’s problems. Article is nothing bad though, it’s nothing going towards professional writing such as a book.

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Article Writing | Essay Write | Ezine Articles

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