do def jam really buy records?

A former music executive is accusing a unit of Universal Music Group and a promotion company of distorting the pop charts by persuading independent retailers to falsify album sales.

Veteran sales executive Theressa Rossi said in a lawsuit that she was induced to become the "front man" for a company hired by Universal’s Def Jam label to inflate sales figures reported to the tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan, which compiles the industry’s influential sales charts.

Independent retail stores were provided with free CDs of Def Jam artists by Giaco Entertainment, a New York marketing firm retained by the label, the suit said.

Giaco enlisted the merchants to repeatedly swipe the CDs across scanning machines to boost sales figures, distorting Nielsen SoundScan’s computerized reports, according to the suit, which did not specify which albums were involved. Giaco threatened retailers with delays of regular album shipments if they did not falsify sales data, the suit said.

The complaint, filed Monday in New York state court, names Universal, Def Jam, Giaco President Joe Giaco and Def Jam executives Kevin Liles and Mignon Espy as defendants.

Universal Music, a unit of Vivendi Universal, said it hadn’t reviewed the lawsuit and declined to comment. Def Jam is one of the nation’s largest rap labels, with acts such as Ja Rule and DMX.

In the past, representatives of the five major record companies have denied knowledge of any attempt by their labels to manipulate the data.

Giaco’s attorney, Steven K. Meier, called the claims "patently untrue," according to a report by Bloomberg News.

Nielsen SoundScan officials couldn’t be reached for comment. Previously, executives with the New York-based market research company have said they have installed safeguards to uncover and remove false CD sales reported by record stores.

According to the complaint, Universal had moved to sever ties with Giaco in 2001 after a Los Angeles Times article described potential inflation of music sales data by independent promoters.

The suit alleges that Liles and Giaco colluded to create a new marketing company — Entertainment Marketing Services, with Rossi as a principal — to conceal from Universal executives that Def Jam and Giaco had not severed their relationship.

Giaco refused to open his financial books to Rossi and later forced her out while withholding her share of the profits, according to the suit, which seeks $22 million in damages.

For the music industry, Rossi’s allegations could have a wide ripple effect. Nielsen SoundScan’s figures, used to compile Billboard magazine’s sales chart, are widely considered the most trustworthy measurement of consumer tastes.

Before SoundScan’s arrival in 1991, the industry’s charts were based on verbal reports made by retailers.

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Secret to Volunteer service?

I’m writing an articles about the secret to making lasting friends through volunteer service. If you want to share some of your volunteer experiences, feel free to do so, and, I will be able to add it in an article that I’m writing.

I have done, and still am doing, a lot of volunteer service. I volunteer at my church, and through the PTA in service to the schools in my area, as well as directly to the schools.

I think that friendships are based on a certain commonality of interests between people, and I have met many people who care about children and their well being through my volunteer work. Some have come and gone, but there are a few that I consider good friends.

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Could you answer to one question about leadership please?


Businesses often have problems with finding the right employees. However, problems with staffing and retention may not be due to people who are hired and do not work out or a low unemployment rate. In fact, they may be connected to poor management understanding of how employees fit into the business strategy.
Creating a strategic plan and definitive initiatives is the easy part of the formula for success. The difficult part is finding, recruiting and retaining the appropriate talent combination in today’s market to carry out that plan.
Staffing and retention are major issues in service industry businesses today.
How does the service industry not only recruit new talent, but protect the employees they have? Questions about payment, training, incentives, benefits and work environment will become more important.


The article presents a solution to a staffing problem.

A. True
B. False
C. Can’t tell from the text

What do you think? thanks

A – True

I totally agree with the article! This is a major issue in the Hospitality Industry! Very difficult to retain staff for the establishment. Most of the time is due to poor management.

The staff, don’t normally understand their importance in the big picture. Therefore they don’t feel that the job or the responsibility they hold, no matter how irrelevant it may seems to them can and most of the time may make the biggest difference! If the staff don’t feel they are just as special as their guests i.e. poor staff satisfaction, the result will be poor guest satisfaction!

Therefore, proper training at all levels are imperative! Through training, the staff may shown the big picture, what the establishment is trying to achieve and there they fits in! Explaining and show them that without the staff, the establishment will not be able to function properly.

It is good to let the staff know the significance of their task. Everyone in the establishment is working as a TEAM and this team can only be profitable if everyone works together.

So, back to the problem. Management need to find and train new talents that is able to deliver this task, because it is so true that poor staff retention is often the result of poor management.

I hope this helps you in some way..

Please help me with conclusion line in my article!?

Hi, guys. I am stuckd with one sentence.

I am writing an article to introuce a web page. The web can provide kind of service for people who are trying to sell to China. The web is called like ETC, not really existing. It is kind of service provider.

The final sentence is a bit tough for me. I should express, " With ETC, export to China is so easy" , Or " With ETC, Business to China is just like pleasure "

Anyway, i must try to praise it by one final sentence…So help me!


ETC: the one stop solution to ship goods to china

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