What is a subcontractor in freelance writing?

I just got a job as a freelance writer, and there is something in the contract that I find a little confusing, and I want to ensure I got it right.

According to the contract, it says I can hire subcontractors to do the job. Does this mean I can hire a ghostwriter to write the article, and then give the article to my client, without there being any problems or disputes.

The exact wording is: "Contractor has the right to hire subcontractors to provide the services required by this agreement."

That is exactly what it means. In other words, if you get too busy to do the job yourself and would rather get someone else to write the article for you, you can do that and it is okay with the client. (Of course, if they don’t do a good job then who knows if it will really be okay.)

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Could Whole Foods bring a libel suit against Yahoo for this article?


This article on Shine claims that Foods is implementing "no kid hours" where they ban kids from certain times in the store. However, if you click on the link attached to that part of the story, you find that Whole Foods is not banning kids. Instead it is actually a service being offered to entertain your children for free as you shop:


No mention of "no kids allowed" at all. The "child free shopping" headline refers to the parents who will be free of their children as they shop because the kids are being entertained for free by the store, not that the whole store will be child free.

Yeah I deleted my question because I was totally wrong after reading the link. They shouldn’t have been in that article at all since what they seem to be offering is not anti-child at all.

Edit: I think the article is incredibly misleading, it is entitled "the no-kid movement is spreading" and even states:

"Even running errands with toddlers may be off limits. This summer Whole Foods stores in Missouri are offering child-free shopping hours…"

I certainly think it falls under libel, a claim that is even implied to be fact is considered libel. I’m not a lawyer though…

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