When Non-Contextual Links Devalued We Need Quality Articles

Beginning early this year, certain search engine made some changes to their search ranking,   in the hope of furnishing it’s search users better results, on official google blog it is estimated 11.8% search results will be affected by this update, say it another way, google thinks about 12% of it’s search results are really bad and need to manipulated. The update was initiated more than a year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, on the other hand almost all keywords promoted by contextual links are not affected, a few of these keywords ranked better than ever, it becomes clear that link building the old way is the thing of past, probably due to link spamming sites being thrown away by google.

Now what on earth is plain link building and how do people do it? a large percentage of SEO firms will do this,  they will get links from any websites which accept adding links, the only updates on those websites are the new links, almost all of them are garbage, we call these sites link spamming sites. New google algorithm most likely will punish these link spammers,  the links on those spamming sites won’t work anymore.  

Examples will be great for explanation. In the very beginning, I didn’t know better, I started with this keyword, UTV Winch, of course with old way of link building, almost all the sites I got link from had too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. I would give credit where credit is due, this linking strategy worked, lately the keyword link stayed on the first page for a while, this was the case until google made the change. Something opposite happened to this keyword, chain pullers, we promoted this keyword with articles and blog posts, not too many plain links have been built, the rank for this keyword is making me real happy. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? In fact the only thing matters here is content, when you create unique and quality content, your rank will improve over time, since search engines are another kind of readers. You probably think there are already too many blogs out there, it’s not true, there will never be too many good blogs, such as this interesting blog, best smartphone , I build it as a hobby and kept adding good or mediocre content, and to my surprise, I have high ranks for some of  competitive keywords. Now you can see, quality blog marketing is much better than plain link building. If you can build a group of your own blogs, for instance chain hoist, then it will be easier to do article marketing.

At the end of day all you need to do is to create quality content, publish and share with people, in the mean time advertise your business with your content, your effort will reward you handsomely in the end. Persistence and patience are the keys to success, you shouldn’t expect things to improve overnight, be it your business or search rankings, let’s keep building and maintaining our blogs until end of the day. When publisinh articles, I prefer ezine, google will index a new article on ezine promptly, popular blogs will get your post indexed as soon as you post it, I believe you should see for yourself, take car tire chain as an example, good writing, interesting content, indexed and cached, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

We’re not finished yet, please remeber, we have hot social media now, no one can afford to not using them. For wordpress blogs, I recommend twitter tools, then go ahead register a new twitter account and app, configure your twitter tools prpperly, then every new post on your blog will show up in your twitter page, it’s simple and elegant, it’s a big loss if you don’t use this tool.

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Article Submission Software – What Is Article Marketing

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Article Submission Software – What Is Article Marketing

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Copy Q & A ~ Tom Buford Interviews Lisa Manyon of Write On~Creative Writing Services, LLC.

0 Copy Q & A ~ Tom  Buford Interviews Lisa Manyon of Write On~Creative Writing Services, LLC.Tom Buford of www.ChargeWhatYouDeserve.com quizzes Lisa Manyon of Write On~ Creative www.LisaManyon.com about copywriting

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Local Search Marketing | Local SEO | Local Video Marketing Services | What is Local Marketing

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Where can I get article writing services?

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Article Writing Service

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Custom Facebook Business Pages – Increasing Online Visibility

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How To Write Article That SEO Friendly – Let Them Do It For You

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