Social Networking training at Ron LeGrand’s Marketing To The Masses Boot Camp

0 Social Networking training at Ron LeGrands Marketing To The Masses Boot CampNot only will we be teaching how to market using offline methods such as direct mail, newspaper, magazines, radio and television, and online methods such as pay-per-click marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, and article marketing, we’ve added a brand new session on social networking, where our very own social networking expert will be teaching you the basics and a few advanced techniques to really grow your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

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Online Marketing Tips: Effectively Leveraging the Knowledge in Your Head

0 Online Marketing Tips: Effectively Leveraging the Knowledge in Your Head

Hi! I’m Jeff Wessman of North Bank Audio Solutions. We specialize in helping coaches, consultants and service professionals get the most out of the knowledge they already have. Some of the ways I do this are with information products and online marketing strategies.

This video explains the importance of recording as much as possible in your coaching or consulting practice.

For a free report and audio program on this topic, go to:

Make more money by effectively leveraging the knowledge you already have. Learn the five simple steps to turn one hour into a successful marketing plan at

Get your free audio training program, 37 page transcript and resource guide by going to:

Recording and repurposing teleseminars into information products, special reports, white papers, articles, blogs, online videos, press releases and more is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get the most you possibly can out of the knowledge you already have in your head.

To learn more about how to effectively leverage your knowledge with strategies like these, go to:

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A Profitable Writing Program Article Marketing Will Make Your Web Marketing Successful

0 A Profitable Writing Program Article Marketing Will Make Your Web Marketing Successful

How Article Marketing Will Make Your Web Marketing Successful

A core aspect of internet marketing is becoming visible to your potential prospects, and there are many ways of doing that. It is a sad fact that advertising in one of its numerous forms will cost a little. There is a free way, however, and that is article marketing. Article marketing has been employed since way before the introduction of ecommerce. Articles have been utilized in commerce as marketing tools ever since the mass distribution of print media became possible.

This was accomplished by getting several column inches of advertising or a byline in exchange for giving a print medium, such as a newspaper, an article which they regarded to be worthwhile. To get links back to your site, along with being a great way to get information out to people, article marketing works well when it comes to internet marketing and ecommerce. Article marketing is not similar to internet marketing, but only one tiny part of it. Online marketing is the complete package, while article marketing is just a minor part.

They are intimately related, due to the fact article marketing is a vital aspect of your marketing strategy. It is vital to use articles as a solution to your marketing, whether it is yourself, your website or your products you’re trying to market. Back links are crucial to get your sites to where they can be seen, and you can get powerful links from your article marketing when done correctly. Article marketing is effective for getting various backlinks to your website, something which the search engines like Google and Yahoo just love. People like articles that give them helpful information, so if you write lots of those you are going to have people wanting to read more of your articles. As long as they could depend on you for honest information, they’re going to keep coming back for more.

In case your articles pique your readers’ interest and they wish to find out more, you are allowed to give a link to your site in the resource box attached to your articles. This way you can entice somebody to visit your web site and possibly purchase a product you are offering. You are going to get increased traffic if the articles you create are optimized for the keywords you have chosen to include. If you submit a lot of articles to content websites with high page rank, the page rank of your web site is going to be made higher. The more articles you can actually submit to article directories, the better chance you have of getting your website ranked higher in the search engines.

The idea of web marketing evolved from seeking to offer products for sale online. To have any success, it is important that potential buyers of your products are directed to your web site. Many methods of attracting visitors to your website exist, but article marketing may just be among the best

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Google I/O 2011: High-performance GWT: best practices for writing smaller, faster apps

0 Google I/O 2011: High performance GWT: best practices for writing smaller, faster appsDavid Chandler

The GWT compiler isn’t just a Java to JavaScript transliterator. In this session, we’ll show you compiler optimizations to shrink your app and make it compile and run faster. Learn common performance pitfalls, how to use lightweight cell widgets, how to use code splitting with Activities and Places, and compiler options to reduce your app’s size and compile time.

Duration : 1:1:32

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What Forums Can I go to to Find Free Lance Article Writers?

My website is about internet marketing. The number one question people ask me is about getting qualified writers (content writers, blog writers, technical writers, press release writers, etc.). They do not want to use an Article Writing Service. They want to choose a writer and develop a long-term relationship without a middle man.

I decided to create a professional article writers directory to meet this need. I’m going to offer the following FREE services to the content writers:

A profile page on my high traffic internet marketing website, with unlimited space.
The profile page can include graphics and keywords so they will have an instant web presence.
I will advertise their profile webpage.
They will handle their own customers and set their own fees.

I’m looking for talented writers. They can be college students, professional writers, etc. They just need to demonstrate that they have writing skills. All levels of writers are needed.

For details look here:

I’m looking for the names of some good forums to post information about the directory.

You can get help from SamuraisSEO
This is the best forum about Internet Marketing and you can get good writer for your site here


Where is the best SEO article writing service?

I will recommend global seo service. They are a team of talented motivated and responsible professionals united towards the common goal – to provide best services for best prices. Optimized processes and work of their technical experts and customer support service is a guarantee that your orders will be completed efficiently and within the time limit. They offer great services at relatively cheap prices. Check it out @

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization

0 Top 10 Search Engine Optimization
Top 10 Search Engine Optimization.
How to be one of the top 10 search engine optimization ?
How do you get traffic to your website ?
“WebFire helped me not only to develop fast traffic and sales, but also to build good strong traffic channels… I think WebFire is the greatest Internet marketing tool ever created and I really love this web-based tool.”
How to be one of the top 10 search engine optimization ?
“WebFire has offered me a superb product at a beautiful price. From the multi keyword tools including spying tools, domain, site, press, video, article, lead generation tools and many others, I found it offered the best tools for success in the On line marketing globe…”
How to be one of the top 10 search engine optimization ?
“It put one of my customers on page one of Google in just a few minutes after he updated the site to what WebFire said needed doing. The very next day it took my internet site from page two of Google for Make Money from Home to the top rated of page one.
How to be one of the top 10 search engine optimization ?
WebFire Unlocks The True Power Of Website marketing
Obtain Immediate Reach to WebFire and all the FREE Traffic, Leads, Rankings and Exposure That you need!
Mainly because there are over 3 billion online searches on a daily basis, people young and old are probably looking for whatever you’re offering. If you have the finest service for what they want, the engines like google would love to send these networkers to you.

Sadly i must say, most organization owners don’t have any idea how to properly present their spot to get the most 100 % free targeted traffic and very best network marketing leads that can at once turn into customers. If you’re one of them, you’re not alone. And it’s not your defect.

What you’ve been lacking before you discovered WebFire was both the information how to get your prime prospects to find your site, and the software tools to make that know-how into immediately benefits. WebFire helps you receive exposure, leads and customers with just a little bit of focused effort instead of the nights or numerous weeks that used to be required.

WebFire, Free Traffic generator software, targeted traffic for website, traffic for my website, traffic on my website, how can I get traffic to my website, how do you get traffic to your website, traffic on your website, your website traffic, traffic for your website, how to traffic for your website, get it on site, how to get site traffic, how to get traffic to site, get site traffic, get traffic to site, how to get web traffic, how to get traffic to blog, get blog traffic, how do you get traffic to your blog, get traffic for blog, how to get blog traffic, get traffic blog, how to get traffic to a blog, get traffic to blog, how to get more traffic, how to get more traffic to website, how to get more website traffic, how do I get traffic to my website.

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Make More Money with Twitter Online using Karma

0 Make More Money with Twitter Online using Karma
I went from “0″ to “1200″ followers on Twitter in under 48 hours. Using the free “Karma” service is a key part of my success on Twitter as an Internet Marketer.

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Home Business Bootcamp Camp Training March 23 2012

0 Home Business Bootcamp Camp Training March 23 2012Here’s a recap of today’s training.

George Kosch kicked off Worldprofit’s LIVE Home Business Training session promptly March 23rd, at 10 AM.

Today’s Theme: Multiple Streams of Income

George emphasized the importance of understanding the BASICS first so you don’t waste your time and get frustrated.
Fresh, updated, new videos now integrated into more of the Bootcamp Training Levels to further assist with understanding.
New Members, please watch these videos, they are focused on getting you on track with the basics so you can progress to making sales.

Many Worldprofit Members are already in a number of Affiliate programs, or are marketing their own products and services.
The tools and resources included in the Member area teach you skills you can use to promote ANYTHING you are involved with.
Take what we teach you and apply it to promote your own products and services if you like.

Some Worldprofit Members promote just Worldprofit products and services.
Some Members promote Worldprofit products and services AND there own affiliate programs or products/services.
Some Members simply use the training Worldprofit provides to focus solely on promoting their own products and services.
No matter where you are in this, you benefit by following the training to learn how to market, how to get your site ranked higher, how to attract more leads, how to generate more traffic, how to increase your sales.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Training includes teaching topics valuable to building any online business.

SEO techiniques
List building strategies
Marketing Resources
Ads/Landing Pages
Article Marketing
Affiliate Marketing.
Incentive Offers and OTO’s
Ad Swaps
Sales tactics
Social Media
Product Reviews

Discussion and Demonstrations:

Ebook PDF Creator – how to get traffic, leads and sales using this incredibly powerful and easy tool.

How to get to earnings of at least $1,000 per month.

JV Zoo (Joint Ventures)

Revealed: The mind-blowing product that George Kosch thinks is the greatest thing he has seen in 18 years of reviewing products – and how Worldprofit Members benefit!

OTO Secret Weapon

What’s in Development:

Pre-built blogs! Complete with domain name of your choice, full content, landing pages, opt-in form, and ready for you to take over completely.

IMPORTANT NOTE for NEW Worldprofit Members:

If you are brand new to Worldprofit and feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you have been provided, or the various terms being use, we urge you watch the BASIC TRAINING VIDEO. The basic training video covers terms you should know, the basics of our program and what you need to focus on to get on track to making money online with the Worldprofit system. Find this video in your Member area, on the TOP MENU select TRAINING then click on the link for the video that is marked as the MUST WATCH BEGINNER’S VIDEO. If you have any questions submit a Support form so we can also help you that way.

Thank you to each of you for participating in today’s LIVE interactive Home business bootcamp training.
We had lots of questions today and we encourage this. The LIVE training is the perfect opportunity to tap into George Kosch’s expertise and get direct instant answers with on-screen demonstration as relevant.

Comments from today’s training participants:

Tania: wow …. you are right George …it really blows my mind

James: Incredible product and I love the leverage back into Worldprofit. Thank you for sharing this with us. This makes it easy to place multiple money magnets on the web set it and promote it and the sales will come in over time.

Barbara: Wow! This is wild. It does blow my mind!!

William: Great

Tim: This is GOLD!

Joseph: Great Job George as always

Arthur: Thank you for the coaching.

Duration : 1:7:42

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Writing Services

0 Writing Services

Writing Services, article writing service, article writing service, seo Article Writing Service, seo articles writing, seo article writing

We write Quality SEO Optimized articles for you focused on keywords that people are searching in their favourite search engines. Using these properly written articles will help rank your website on Google and sky rocket you sales.

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