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Insurance News Writing and Posting Service

0 Insurance News Writing and Posting Service – Insurance News is vital for industry professionals and companies – we provide a low cost solution for your company’s media needs. We also offer a unique writing service to fill the needs of agents as well as companies. Only unique content from our trained staff – you tell us your message/news and we’ll tailor an article just for you!

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Anyone know of a program to make posting to MY blogs easier?


I have 4-5 blogs that I post articles too. Well as you probably know, this does take some time, so I’m looking for a blog tool that automates this for me!

I am NOT looking for an article submission tool or service, I am simply looking for a program that makes it easier to update all of my blogs.

Thanks all! / Blogspot blogs give a feature:
email article with attachments to
And as you have configured it,

It can get published immediately,
get saved as a draft …

However, Google Search Engines list site blogs rather than their own Blogger / Blogspot blogs

Do tell us about your blogs …
How about emailing us Blog URLs …
If you want Feedback …

How do I write a marketing plan for a newly created product?

I have to do this for a required Marketing class that I’m taking and don’t know what the heck I’m doing. What information do I need to include in the plan? Where do I go to get whatever statistics I may need–for free, if possible? None of these things were covered in class and I’m a little confused…ok, a lot confused. Anybody able to help me out?

One of the toughest marketing assignments is to write a marketing plan that is ambitious yet still attainable. By following the guide and using the template below, anyone will be able to write a top rate marketing plan.

Before starting on your written plan, you should answer the following questions:

1. What is the product or service you are selling?

2. Who is your market that will buy the product or service?

3. What need does the above market have for your product or service?

4. What is the basic message that you would like to send to this market in regards to your product?

5. What is the best way of getting in contact with your projected market? (i.e.- T.V, Radio, Print, Online)

After answering the above questions you will ready to start on your marketing plan. When answering question five keep in mind your budget limitations as you do not want to set yourself up for committing too much money to advertising.

Follow the template below using your answers to the above questions to guide you through.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary can be taken straight from the business plan or it can be newly written for the marketing plan. Below is a suggested list of things to be included.

Description of the Company

The description of the company should include a brief summary of the company including when it was founded and some general details about your company. It should not be more than about 10 lines and should not go into too much detail about the companies mission or products and services as this comes later in the Executive Summary.

Mission Statement

This should not be anything new and should be taken directly from the Business Plan. Most companies have mission statements from day one and this should be included on all marketing plans.

Products and Services

The information in this category could vary depending on the purpose of the plan. If this is a company wide marketing plan then all products and services should be listed briefly giving a good description of what each of them can provide. If this marketing plan were specific to a product, then a description in more detail would better suit the marketing plan.

Financial Feasibility

This section should also come straight from the business plan and give a brief description of the financial outlook of the company and what effects may arise if the marketing is not successful. You should not discuss financial plans for the marketing program in this section of the document.

Strategic Focus and Plan

Mission/ Vision

Not to be confused with the Company Mission, this statement is what you would like to get out of the marketing plan. If this is a marketing plan for a single product, then this statement should state what your company expects out of the product and they plan to achieve this.


The objectives of the marketing for the particular product, service or company should be outlined in this section. If one of the objectives is to make 50,000 people aware of your new product then this is something that should be included in your objectives. You can also include company objectives in this section if they are directly affected by your marketing. For instance, if your goal is to make one million dollars in sales the first year, then this is an objective that comes in direct contact with the marketing program.

Competitive Environment

Here is where you need to outline the competitive environment of your market. This would include any competitors whether they are in direct or indirect competition.

Situation Analysis

There are two effective marketing tools that can be used in a situation analysis purpose. The SWOT analysis and the BCG Dot Matrix. (Please refer to article on Effective marketing tools for beginners if you are unsure about these two tools).

For an in-depth analysis include both the SWOT Analysis and the BCG Dot Matrix in the Situation analysis. These diagrams can compare your products to your competitors and help you to determine the best approach for winning your section of the market.

Competitive Analysis

This section differs from the competitive environment as it describes more in-depth how you plan to effectively market against the competition. This section should outline direct competition’s weaknesses and how you plan to capitalize on these weaknesses to grab the market share.
Market Product Focus

Marketing Objectives

These objectives can work in two different ways depending on what type of marketing plan you are writing. If you are writing a company wide marketing plan, then this section would outline all of the objectives you wish to attain through your marketing program. They should be listed in a number format along with a detailed description of how you wish to accomplish these objectives.

If the plan were being created on an individual product/service basis then the marketing objectives would be what the company expects to gain from this product/service. Once again, objectives should be listed in a number format with a detailed description of how this products/services marketing will tie in with the marketing of the program and how this will be accomplished.

Target Markets

This section will define in detail the market in which you will be marketing your product. It should be described in detail, and should outline how you come to the conclusion that this is the right market for your product/service. You should also state why this market is going to use your product and show what research has been conducted to come to this conclusion.

Marketing Program

Product Strategy

The product strategy should give a detailed description of what your product(s) are and how they are going to benefit your company. You describe which products you think will be most popular and describe which ones you want to be the most popular (The BCG Dot Matrix is very good in helping you determine this). If you are doing an individual product marketing plan, then this section would describe in detail what your product is and what strategies you have to make it beat out your competitors.

Price Strategy

The price strategy is where you will describe your key pricing issues. It is a good idea to state whether you are taking the high cost-low turnover method or the low cost/high turnover method. If you think your key selling point is going to be the price, then explain that here. If you are taking the low cost/high turnover approach then explain how your company will succeed with the low profit-margin on each product. Be sure to include rough estimates of profit-margins, manufacturing costs and end consumer prices.

Promotion Strategy

The promotion strategy is one of the most important sections of the marketing plan. This is where it can make or break a marketing program. This section should include advertising strategies you plan to engage in, any marketing strategies for your products such as attending trade shows, conferences etc. Also you should explain what message you want to promote in all of the items mentioned above. You should send the same message through all channels of communication.

Just Do It

Now that you have your plan, go out and make it real. There is no use spending months in analysis paralysis trying to write a perfect plan. Rather, have a bias towards action and go get started NOW.

Hope this helps.

Why does inflation affect the increase in social security and other benefits?

A newspaper article written by the Associated Press reported that the U.S. economy was expecting a low rate of inflation. It said that “low inflation has a downside: 45 million recipients of Social Security and other benefits will see their checks go up by just 2.8 percent next year.”
a) Why does inflation affect the increase in Social Security and other benefits?
b) Is this effect the cost of inflation, as the article suggests? Why or why not?

As the cost of goods and services goes up ,the buying power goes down,
This is inflation

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Viral Blog Authority

0 Viral Blog Authority

Our professional marketers will write articles that brand you as the Expert In Your Niche, and Promote Your Products, Sell Your Services, and Market Your Affiliate Programs… It’s Time YOU Get MORE Traffic, Get MORE Leads, and Get You Paid… All On Auto-Pilot!

Our “Viral Blog Authority” service will not only save you between 2 — 4 hours a day, but by posting a minimum of 2 professionally written articles a day with the help of our service, your business will jump to the top of the search engines, creating your very own…

“Authority Guru-Status”!

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How can I promote and advertise my website?

The site is It’s a site where users request custom search engines that focus on niche areas. And then my team constructs the search engines for them. It also lets users create free personalized webpages with the custom search engines that they choose.

I need help promoting it, any suggestions would be helpful.

Here is the list with top 12 link building tips that I highly recommend you to use when starting to build your links.
1. Directory Submission
Getting listed in dirs is good for you, you get a lot of backlinks. I am posting here only high quality, free, human reviewed, PR6+ directories only ( BTW I checked the PR of the directories I am providing with Google Toolbar and I have to say that there is a big difference in their PR since the last update. I have seen many directories that have fallen from PR6 to PR0, I suppose they have used some black seo to get promoted and finally they lost their PR). The good thing about these dirs is that if you get your site listed you will get lots of traffic. The bad thing is that the review proccess of your site often is more than 3 months. Here is the list I use: PR 8 PR8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6
Of course there are more good high PR directories but I will leave the search for them to you. You can use google to find some, but the lists that come on first page results shows the old PR of the directories. So in my view these 21 dirs that I have posted here a worth to submit to them. Don’t get mad if you are not listed after 3 months from submission. Your time will come, don’t give up!
2. Link Exchange with other webmasters
This is also good way to get backlinks. When contacting other webmasters write in personalized way. Tell them why you want to exchange links with them, introduce your site to them, tell them more about your site. Try to exchange links with only high quality sites with higher PR. You may find good partners to exchange links, the best way is contacting them in personal, or you may use some forums to find link exchange requests, and last but not least you may use some automated link exchange sites. Here are some of them: PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 4
Using these automated link exchange sites will also boost your backlinks and you will get many relevant links to your site. You can find much more sites like these but to be honest I think these ones will do a perfect job. You can always ask google about something like: ‘free automated link exchange sites’, ‘free reciprocal programs’, ‘free link building programs’ and some more search terms like these.
If you want first to check the pagerank of the site you will be exchanging links with I recommend you to use: – In this site you can check the PR of a page or site in over 700 google datacenters
3. Article Submissions
Maybe I won’t tell you something new but try to write good quality unique articles and post them to the best free article directories. This is one of the best way to do 2 things for your site: first get a lot of backlinks from the articles and second get a lot of traffic I hope you know that you have to put your keywords that you compete for in the anchor text which is very very important for higher results in the SE’s. PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4
This list is only 11 sites long but if your article gets listed in all of them expect more than 1000 visitors to come to your site from the link in the article.
4. Press Release Submission
This method is something like writing articles and post them almost everywhere. In fact using this tactic you have to write a press release about your site or a page from your site. The process is the same. You have to submit the press release to good press release distribution sites. Below is the list of the ones that I am using. PR7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5
Hope these 13 sites will help you to get much traffic. If you submit regularly to them and your site or articles gets listed there expect to get at least 200 unique visitors daily.
5. Social Networking / Social Group Sites
Social networking sites are very useful these days not only to get links but also huge traffic. Participating in social group / networking sites are proving to give boost to your traffic these days. Here is my list: PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7
These are one of the best social group sites. There are a lot more but I think these are enough, they are high quality and have a high PR ( 7+). They are perfect for getting good backlicks to your site.
6. Getting link from .org , .gov and .edu sites
The education, organization and government sites are considered much more valued sites and links coming from those sites are valuable. You need to search and find such sites.
Do a simple search on Google with this search term:…G=Search&hl=en

You may use another perfect search term special for edu blogs:…22&btnG=Search

With this string you will get all .edu blogs that allow posting comments and do not require to be logged in. Hope you find this string perfect. You can experiment with it for all kind of domains, it’s up to you. Make blog comments and put links in them, make sure your comment is genuine and not spam. You have to read the whole topic and find something to comment on the topic, job is done. After doing some comments maybe in a week you will see in Google index that you have links from .edu domain or .gov
7. Social Bookmarking Site Submission
This is the newest technique to get quality backlinks to your site. These days people like to share their interests in social bookmarking sites. Posting your interesting article to such sites will boost your traffic and give you thousands of visitors. But it is not so easy as it sounds – you have to write really good article, or news or something very very interesting to get your article on first page of these sites.
Don’t waste your time or money submitting to sites that don’t receive traffic! Use this list of sites for the best social bookmarking results PR 9 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6
8. Forum posts
This is the way I like best for getting backlinks. Find forums that are in your niche and create account with them. In userpage write your homepage and you have a backlink. DO a search on Google and you will see how many forums are out there, you will be amazed. Do this process many many times and you will have one way links pointing to your site.You can combine this with forum posts and this way you will get your signature shown much more times. Personally to me it doesn’t matter that forums have nofollow tags, Google still counts that as a link to you.
9. Blog comments
Another great way of letting the world know about your site. This method is similar to forum comments, again most of the blogs comments have nofollow tags but Google still count this as a backlink. Here is another good way to get a backlink from a blog’s main page:
Find blogs that have “top comments” or “recent comments” plugins, this way if you are top commentator you will get your link on the main page of a blog. Do this with blogs that fall into your category. I didn’t knew that but a friend told me this method and I must say that I see good results for now.
10. Get a link on a mainpage of PR 9 sites
This one you probably do not know but I am going to share it. Spare some time, do a search for sites that have PR 9 and have a donation section in their mainpage. I am sure there are at least 20 such sites. In this donation section they post latest 20 or 30 donators. Do a donation for at least 1$ and you will see your site listed there. This is the cheapest way I think to have one way non-reciprocal backlink from PR 9 site, don’t you think?
11. Design a Template

How can I transition into a marketing job from event planning in a university setting?

I am desperately seeking a new career and after completing a marketing certificate at The Wharton School, I would really like to pursue something in the marketing field. My experience has been in higher education administration, working with students, and planning events for both students and alumni. I’m looking for advice on how to best market my skills, abilities and enthusiasm to try and break into the marketing world.

I’d think it’s a definite asset because it required that you understand people, and having a background in something other than marketing means you’re better connected to a broader range of personalities and mentalities. So I think that’s an asset.

I found an article that has some suggestions that could help you out, especially in regards to getting additional training beyond your current certificate:

It will take determination and persistence, but it can be done. You will find that a start in marketing will normally put you in a position as a market research assistant, print buyer, general management trainee, or you can enter a program as a graduate trainee.

A few companies that offer Marketing Graduate Trainee programs are:


Mars doesn’t have a specific marketing training program for graduates.
They fun a cross-functional management development program, through which graduates have access to opportunities in marketing. Recruits to the program are typically given three to four assignments, the first of which may be related to their experience or studies. The remaining assignments will be in other areas, and one may be overseas. Their goal is to broaden trainees’ experiences.


Nestle has recently changed its approach to hiring graduates. Nestle recruits in a similar fashion as to how they recruit other employee levels. Each department now recruits graduates throughout the year on an ‘as-required’ basis. Vacancies will be posted and advertised throughout the year.

Proctor & Gamble

Procter & Gamble’s graduate training program recruits graduates into one of eight career tracks, including consumer and market knowledge and marketing. Consumer and market knowledge involves sophisticated and proactive market research-based work to identify business opportunities, including new product development. The marketing function involves growing the value of brands within the P&G product range. Marketing trainees will learn about advertising, PR, consumer bonding, direct marketing and project management within their first two years. The applicants are selected according to application form, a problem-solving test, interview, and site visit, where they will meet prospective managers and colleagues.

If you decide that the graduate training program route is not for you; you can still break into the field of marketing by being persistent. You will need to be willing to take on an entry-level position in most marketing agencies and work your way up. If this isn’t a problem then it’s time to begin your first marketing assignment, which is marketing you using your resume.

I think the important thing to take away from the above is that you’re probably going to need to build experience by starting out at entry-level jobs. Ideally, based on your background you should look for entry-level jobs with companies that are targeting university students. Your experience working with students will make you stand-out when looking for that job. Try thinking about some of the businesses in your area that make products or have services that are geared towards students and finding out if they’re looking for any new marketing trainees.

Good luck!!

How can I contact buyers directly to get ‘article writing’ job?

I write article job for a local buyer.I need a buyer who will give me a lot of work.I study in engineering university in Bangladesh.Now I need a buyer who can give me a lot of work.I tried in different websites like freelancer,odesk.High quality work is guaranteed in the cheapest rate.Please tell me how can I contact a buyer directly to get job?

Why not let the clients contact you? For this you will need to advertise (following the rules) your services on IM forums or websites like
I’m sure some clients will eventually be interested in your services if you offer decent quality. Take you time, don’t rush things, otherwise people may take you as a spammer.