How risky is it to invest in the stock market, in hoping to reap benefit?

I have a lump some of money that I want to invest into the stock market, but im a bit nervous about it. I want to invest and pretty much be sure im going to capitalize off of it, not loose it all and be vary upset.

It depends entirely on your time horizon and your expectations. In general for investors investing for the long haul (10+ years) the stock market is almost always a winning investment, but it is volatile and its important to be aware of that and keep a level head. You will sometimes lose money in the short term, but remembering to see those blips are opportunities, or being cognizant of the big picture is important. Being a well read and informed investor is the key.

On the other hand investors who day trade or invest in penny stocks without being knowledgeable and not having access to sophisticated tools will lose money far more often then they win because they are essentially gambling. Investors who trade on emotion also fail because they tend to buy at the most inopportune times and sell into downturns. The Wall Street Journal has a great article on emotional investing today that’s an interesting read.

The key is to be informed, to stay informed, and if you can’t be then you should hire someone who is, whether that be by purchasing a mutual fund, or opening an account with a firm and using the tools and advice provided by firms like Schwab, Fidelity, and TDWaterhouse, or a full service financial planner.

Any ideas on how to serve community service?

I’ve reasently been inducted into the national honor society at my high school. As a membership requirement we have to serve a minimun of 12 hours community service each semester. The problem is, I have no idea what kinds of things to do!! Baby sitting and church projects don’t count.

Plese help me come up with ideas. When ever I think of community service I think of picking up trash by the side of the road in a bright orange jump suit and having all the cars driving by and laughing at the teenage screw up. I really, really don’t want to do that. Does anyone have any fun ideas about what type of community service projects I could do?

That’s a different kind of community service. The orange jump suit crew doesn’t need you. Though if you want to volunteer for a roadside cleanup or a stream or lake side clean up volunteer with an ecology group that adopts a stream or a roadside. This would be with a bunch of ppl who care about ecology and are decent folks. You can probably find a group that adopts specific areas like that through your state dept of natural resources or local park dept. For other kinds of community service call the United Way or Volunteer Bureau in your area or look in the yellow pages or talk to your school counselor about groups in the area that help people in need.

What do you like to do? If you like animals look for a no kill shelter or a zoo in your area where you can volunteer. If you like flowers volunteer at a botanical garden or park. If you like computers volunteer to give computer lessons at a senior center, a children’s shelter, a job training place for moms who are trying to get off welfare. Or offer to input data or do net research. Like babies and helping ppl? volunteer at a day care center, a life center that helps married girls decide not to get abortions. Like to write or draw or take pictures ask the volunteer bureau to match you with an organization that needs help with newsletters. Still stuck? How about a local food ministry. You can do anything from handing out food and helping cary food packages to the car for disabled folks, putting cans of food on shelves, cleaning up the place, helping with record keeping nresletters, fundraising, etc. Find one through Also check out your local boys and girls club and tell them you’d like to help younger kids. They have a lot of stuff you can help with from computers to basketball to cleaning up the floors.

You can try all sorts of different things doing something new each month. You can get together a bunch of ppl and do a big service project like putting on a concert or car wash for March of Dimes, MDA, or whoever or you can pick one organization and consistantly put in 3 hrs a week or 6 hrs every other week, The first method lets you explore different possibilities and learn about different needs in your community, That is good for a few months but consistant committment and/or leadership skills (helping organize something) would probably make a bigger impression on any college recruiters. BTW writing an article or doing a photo essay for your school paper on different types of volunteer service that ppl are doing would be a really great idea then put a copy in a folder and have it on file for next yr’s new inductees would be a service to the honor society.

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How do i get free Traffic online?

Someone else just had the same question

The big source of so called free traffic is a good search engine results listing position. Getting onto the prized first page of 10 search results, where some 90% of search clicks happen can require a considerable investment of sweat equity, and in reality most top listing are the product of employing paid assistance. Aside from some relatively basic on site keyword utilization and structure, getting links from other sites is the key to search ranking, these links can also be direct sources of free traffic as well.

Blog comments and forum post signatures are some of the easiest links to get, along wit social bookmarking links and web site directory submissions. Unfortunately these same links are easy to get by automated means, some blogs may receive 10x more robot comment posters than real visitors. The wholesale abuse of these link sources has damaged their usefulness as traffic getters.

Article marketing is a common way to get targeted traffic interested in a particular topic, submit articles to the many article directories like ezinearticles with your link in the author’s credit, a secondary benefit, these resource libraries allow other sites to ‘reprint’ the articles providing they keep the author credit intact, one quality article can be responsible for numerous backlinks.

The white hat approach to getting traffic is to add fresh original quality content regularly and to develop relationships with highly ranked blogs in order to be allowed to write guest posts with links back to your site. Writing insightful blog post comments can get the webmaster’s attention.

You may find more useful tips in this list of resources compiled by a "white hat" SEO authority, there is a lot of useful information in their blog as well, some only of value to enormous commerce sites.

what is catering services? what are the things needed in starting up a catering business?

what is catering services? what are the things needed to consider in starting up a catering business?

I suggest you read the free article "How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Home Based Catering Business" . The article can give you an introduction on how to start your own catering business. It covers information on the demand for catering, startup costs, income potential, and marketing your catering business.

For detailed information, I suggest you check out the following books:

- How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business
- How to Run a Catering Business from Home
- The Complete Caterer: A Practical Guide to the Craft and Business of Catering
- How to Manage a Successful Catering Business
- Catering Management
- Successful Catering
- Start Your Own Catering Business

You can also learn a lot from the following associations of the catering industry:

National Association of Catering Executives
National Restaurant Association

How do I creatively write a college application essay about a person that has impacted my life?

In one of my college application essays I am writing about someone who has impacted my life. How do I write it in a creative way so that it isn’t just like everybody elses?

Start it by showing a situation you were in that was dramatic and life-changing. Then, work backwards, showing how the person that influenced you came into you life and helped you get to that point.

ex: The jungles of Costa Rica are beautiful. But you haven’t really seen them until you traverse them by zip line. The animals there are incredible but many are endangered. I learned about many of them working on a science service camp last summer.

When i started high school i I didn’t know a beagle from a badger. But that changed in Mr. Holloway’s science class. We learned about biodiversity …..blah blah blah – Not only did he teach us about Science but about believing in doing something that changes the world.

When i saw an article about the Costa Rican Camp, I brought it to my teacher. He helped me figutre out ways to raise the money to go. I had never even gone camping, let alone live for a week in a jungle. But he encouraged me to…

Get the picture? or

I never thought I would like Fish for breakfast, but thats what families eat in Jamaican, and every morning my Jamaican mother would be up before the sun, just as the roosters were crowing in the yard.

before, breakfast for me was always some kids cereal in a box. I would have turned up my nose at the thought of fish. But thats not how you show your hosts you are thankful for their hospitality. Besides we had learned a little about Jamaican customs, and tasted some Jamaican food before we left.

You see, my minister Rev. Jordan prepared me well. She told us about Jamaica and helped us understand the meanings of hospitality, community and service. With her guidance we helped build a school for a village with more than 75 kids.

see? It highlights something good you have done, with an attention grabbing lead paragraph,(like a close up in a movie) then zooms back to show the story and the person who infuenced you

Article Submission Software Problems

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0 update 12/22/12 R.I.P. FORMER REDS PITCHER & RADIO HOST, FRANK PASTORE,(also MEMORIAL SERVICE info)*by the way, there will be a MEMORIAL SERVICE on 12/29/12 at
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, 12205 Pipeline Ave, Chino, CA 1:00pm

listen to Frank’s Prophetic last words at

and HERE’s a clip of Frank praying at the Harvest Crusade, Dodger stadium

see my more current R.I.P. to FRANK at

update 12/17/12 Here is what I found on the KKLA website at 4pm today: “…Dear Listeners:As many of you are aware, Frank Pastore was in a motorcycle accident Monday night, 11/19. Gina Pastore informed us that in the early afternoon of Monday, December 17, Frank passed away…..”

12/6/12 from the KKLA WEBSITE (12/3/12):”Frank Pastore was in a motorcycle accident Monday night, 11/19. Frank remains in the intensive care unit and currently stable in his condition…..”
HERE’s a CLIP of an ARTICLE from the “Christian Post” (11/27/12):
“…”His listeners know that actually the last Monday night, the night of the accident, Frank had a segment on the show with a professor from APU (Asuza Pacific University) and Frank was talking about the reality of the soul,” Gina Pastore said. “He often talked about this because he was a Christian philosopher. He mentioned on the air, he said, ‘that if I were to be killed on the freeway tonight and my body parts are all over the freeway I’m not on the freeway because I’m my soul and I would be with the Lord.’ “He actually said that the night that it happened, not knowing that he would be hit on his motorcycle. Frank would want people to know that. God created us. We have a soul and we are going to be with the Lord. I pray that Frank’s time is not up yet on this earth. I think God has more for him to do, but we have that blessed assurance that we know where he will be if he were not to pull through this,” she said.
“The Frank Pastore Show” segment in which he theoretically spoke about the possibility of being killed on the freeway was not available in the archive of shows on KKLA’s website at the time of writing this article. However, Gina Pastore told CP that the station probably removed the segment out of respect for her family and would more than likely have the podcast segment available sometime in the future. She said it was a story that must be told and one that her husband would also want shared.
There has not been a lot of change in Pastore’s condition, but doctors did monitor some improvement in his responses and noted that there was some movement for the first time, she said…”

updated 11/21/12 FORMER REDS PITCHER & RADIO HOST, FRANK PASTORE, in CRITICAL CONDITION … not many details but a little more media coverage; apparently Frank is in critical condition. That’s all I know .We ask you Lord Jesus Christ, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, to be with Frank at this difficult time & that he will be okay; & we ask for Your Presence with his wife Gina & the entire Pastore family, the many friends & listeners to the KKLA (salem media) show, & loved ones. Comfort them, Lord. Hear our prayer. Here’s a clip from L.A. Times:
“…Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore, who in recent years hosted a radio show on Glendale’s KKLA, is in critical condition after his motorcycle was hit by a car on the 210 Freeway on Monday night. “… Pastore has been the host of “The Frank Pastore Show” since 2004.California Highway Patrol officials said a woman driving a Hyundai Sonata was eastbound when she lost control of her car and drifted over to the carpool lane, where she struck Pastore.Pastore, 55, was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered severe head trauma. He was airlifted to an area hospital….”,0,164532.story?track=rss

“Since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding…” Colossians 1:9

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