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Miami SEO is an important aspect for all businesses residing in the South Florida area. Businesses need Miami SEO services to take their business from the traditional offline methods like paper, magazine, and word of mouth to a more targeted marketing method like Google Places search and search engine website marketing.

There are many online strategies that will help your business increase its online visibility. Many techniques are needed for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The first and most important aspect that a business must perfomr is proper onpage seo for their business. Companies must have their address visible to the Google and other search engines and also the information like the keywords that are relevant to the business must be strategically places throughout the pages on the website.

GGG Marketing LLC in Naples Florida is one of the top SEO companies in the United states at performing proper SEO that actually helps busineses. You have to be careful because many businesses that claim to specialize in search engine optimization actually hurt there clients sites.

Many website development companies just don’t have to knowledge it takes to properely rank business websites on the internet. GGG Marketing not only specializes in website design and development but we are top industry leaders in SEO. Before you make a mistake by hiring the wrong Miami FL SEO company make sure to find out the companies track record and what people are actually saying about the services. Do yourself and a favor and do your due dilegence to find out who is best suited for your business.

Learn more about how GGG Marketing LLC can help your business grow online by visiting our website at:

GGG Marketing LLC
775 8th St. SE Naples FL. 34117
(239) 206-1205

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Article Writing Services – Get FRESH Content for Google

0 Article Writing Services   Get FRESH Content for Google Professional Article Writing Services by Atlanta’s own Silver Web Solutions.

Are you tired of seeing all your competitors on Page 1 of Google…and YOUR company is nowhere to be found?

Ever wonder what what your competitors are doing to rank so HIGH on the search engines?

Most probably, they are writing ARTICLES on an ONGOING BASIS and placing them on their own website, blogs or social network sites.

Ya see, Google LOVES fresh content…and consistent article writing is the best FRESH CONTENT you can provide for your website or blog.

So what if I’m not a good writer you say? … NO PROBLEM!

Silver Web Solutions provides weekly article writing services for you. Want to see some writing samples? Just email us.

Not only do we provide fresh content for you on a weekly basis, but we can also publish it to your own blog or website and hyperlink all the pertinent keywords to their appropriate pages.

REALLY, you just sit back and let US do the work.

Remember, if you do not update your website on a consistent basis, Google and the other search engines may deem you as “UNIMPORTANT.”

You’re not unimportant. You are VERY important, so please contact Mike Silverman at Mike (at) SilverWebSolutions (dot) com to get your business moving forward.



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I have a query about SEO and social bookmarking

Submitting blog posts to social sites can drive traffic.
But if we submit same blog article to many social networking websites,
will it be considered spammy ?
What will be its effect on SEO ?
Some services also allows to auto submit articles to many websites at once.
Is this right to use such services ?


Try to maintain ur blog post and write unique content. Instead of submitting whole blog post to social sites, submit few lines and add links. Bookmark your blog url to social bookmarking site. Avoid automated submissions.

How did the Constituion encourage the development of a common market among American states? Advantages?

How did the Constituion encourage the development of a common market among American states? What are the advantages?

The traditional interpretation of the "interstate commerce" clause of the Constitution gave the federal government the authority to keep commerce between the states "regular." As stated in another answer, the Articles of Confederation left the states with the ability to raise barriers to trade between each other. Like all barriers to trade, this hinders economic progress, causes tension between the parties involved, and infringes upon an individual’s right to freely purchase (or not purchase) products and services.

This was the scope of authority granted to Congress under the Constitution as constructed by the founders. Modern judicial interpretations of the interstate commerce clause have gone much further to give Congress the ability to regulate to whatever extent they deem necessary any and all activity that may or may not have an impact on interstate commerce. The Supreme Court even went as far as to allow Congress to regulate the food you grow in your own back yard for your own consumption because you will not be buying it from a farmer or agribusiness. This is diametrically opposed to the intent of the interstate commerce clause because it bars an individual from freely choosing not to participate in commercial activity when they have no reason to participate, but the precedent has not yet been overturned.

In short, the Constitution gives the federal government the authority to stop Illinois from barring trade with Indiana to protect the right of the people of Illinois and Indiana to trade (or not trade) with anyone they want. This principal is consistent with the rights to Life, Liberty, and Property under Natural Law.

What is a good topic to write an editorial about?

What is something that is going on in the world that would be good to write an editorial about? I have been on news sites and read the newspaper so I know whats going on, but I can’t decide on a good topic. Any ideas?

The election. here is one I helped with

Autopilot Online Business

0 Autopilot Online Business

You’ve heard the phrase said several times, it’s the ultimate dream: to have a business runnning for you on autopilot.

While the theory sounds like an amazing type of business to run (that seems to promise a “freeing” type of lifestyle), it’s not all really on “autopilot”. Before you go and frown icon sad Autopilot Online Business , I should note that it can be mostly on autopilot (so smile icon smile Autopilot Online Business )

Here’s why your business WILL NEVER be on autopilot for life:

1. Times change: technology changes, product standards change, people’s tastes change, and so while your “autopilot” business may run nicely for anywhere from a few months to a few years, I wouldn’t count on it lasting much longer than that (unless the autopilot business involves a growing business that is an updating product of course).

2. “Autopilot” still needs checking and maintenance — chances are if you have something running well for you on autopilot, you will not be satisfied with it just making whatever it’s making if you see more potential in it. So you’re going to be testing new ways of doing things and always trying to improve your best “autopilot businesses”.

Here’s why your business CAN be put on autopilot (for the most part):

Autopilot marketing tools: Find an autopilot traffic tool, find an autopilot sales tool, and find an autopilot conversion tool, and you have an autopilot business. Nice formula, eh? I’m not going to say it’s 100% autopilot, but these types of tools can do most of the work for you, once you’ve put in the initial work to set it up, all you need to do is maintain it and let it do its thing. You can also improve the customer funnel if you want it to make you more money.

So what am I talking about with autopilot marketing tools?

1. Autopilot traffic tool – a few examples: Adwords (or other ad placement services), article marketing, video marketing, etc. — things like this allow you to set up streams of traffic and will work for you for at least a long while, then you just have to update it, and the idea is to keep setting up more streams of traffic, when you want to take a vacation it won’t be a big deal.

2. Autopilot sales tool – Aweber (or other autoresponder / email marketing services) — when people are your subscribers, they can receive education and offers on a preset schedule, so you can set it, and yes, forget it. While you’re hard building other parts of your business, your autoresponder builds a relationship with your list for you.

3. Autopilot conversion tool – Sales pages — you send your visitors via your email marketing or your video marketing and convert prospects into customers. You have your sales processor that takes orders for you 24 hours a day, and you’re set, just watch the payment notifications come in (okay that sounds easy but you HAVE to set it up or you will NEVER have this…)

Is it easy to have an autopilot business? NO. Otherwise, everybody would have one. But then, no one would make much money if everyone had one. However, follow this formula for your niche, yes it takes work, no it doesn’t take a long time, and get over your mental blocks and just take action and do it, and you will have your very own online autopilot business.

Don’t look back a year from now and wonder to yourself why you never got started. Remember how I mentioned that times change? This is the formula up to date for 2008. Make it happen today and don’t wait another second.

- Steve

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Free Online Plagiarism Checker Bill Volpe Checks For Plagiarism Free Online

0 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Bill Volpe Checks For Plagiarism Free Online Local internet marketing is a growing area of business and fresh content is key. Copyscape is the world’s leading plagiarism checker. It will allow you to find stolen copies of your pages on the web, and check the originality of articles you buy from writers to avoid duplicate content.

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Good places to advertise my site?

i’ve tried going onto other sites like it, tried here, tried youtubes, tried facebook… still little traffic… suggestions?
thanks for all the help, i’ll try some. but are there any free ways?


If you want traffic you need to:

1- make sure that your web site is SEO designed

2- Start pay per click campaigns in Yahoo and Google

3- Start strategic link building. Here is the list with top 12 link building tips that I highly recommend you to use when starting to build your links.
1. Directory Submission
Getting listed in dirs is good for you, you get a lot of backlinks. I am posting here only high quality, free, human reviewed, PR6+ directories only ( BTW I checked the PR of the directories I am providing with Google Toolbar and I have to say that there is a big difference in their PR since the last update. I have seen many directories that have fallen from PR6 to PR0, I suppose they have used some black seo to get promoted and finally they lost their PR). The good thing about these dirs is that if you get your site listed you will get lots of traffic. The bad thing is that the review proccess of your site often is more than 3 months. Here is the list I use: PR 8 PR8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6
Of course there are more good high PR directories but I will leave the search for them to you. You can use google to find some, but the lists that come on first page results shows the old PR of the directories. So in my view these 21 dirs that I have posted here a worth to submit to them. Don’t get mad if you are not listed after 3 months from submission. Your time will come, don’t give up!
2. Link Exchange with other webmasters
This is also good way to get backlinks. When contacting other webmasters write in personalized way. Tell them why you want to exchange links with them, introduce your site to them, tell them more about your site. Try to exchange links with only high quality sites with higher PR. You may find good partners to exchange links, the best way is contacting them in personal, or you may use some forums to find link exchange requests, and last but not least you may use some automated link exchange sites. Here are some of them: PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 4
Using these automated link exchange sites will also boost your backlinks and you will get many relevant links to your site. You can find much more sites like these but to be honest I think these ones will do a perfect job. You can always ask google about something like: ‘free automated link exchange sites’, ‘free reciprocal programs’, ‘free link building programs’ and some more search terms like these.
If you want first to check the pagerank of the site you will be exchanging links with I recommend you to use: – In this site you can check the PR of a page or site in over 700 google datacenters
3. Article Submissions
Maybe I won’t tell you something new but try to write good quality unique articles and post them to the best free article directories. This is one of the best way to do 2 things for your site: first get a lot of backlinks from the articles and second get a lot of traffic I hope you know that you have to put your keywords that you compete for in the anchor text which is very very important for higher results in the SE’s. PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4 PR 4
This list is only 11 sites long but if your article gets listed in all of them expect more than 1000 visitors to come to your site from the link in the article.
4. Press Release Submission
This method is something like writing articles and post them almost everywhere. In fact using this tactic you have to write a press release about your site or a page from your site. The process is the same. You have to submit the press release to good press release distribution sites. Below is the list of the ones that I am using. PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5
Hope these 13 sites will help you to get much traffic. If you submit regularly to them and your site or articles gets listed there expect to get at least 200 unique visitors daily.
5. Social Networking / Social Group Sites
Social networking sites are very useful these days not only to get links but also huge traffic. Participating in social group / networking sites are proving to give boost to your traffic these days. Here is my list: PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7
These are one of the best social group sites. There are a lot more but I think these are enough, they are high quality and have a high PR ( 7+). They are perfect for getting good backlicks to your site.
6. Getting link from .org , .gov and .edu sites
The education, organization and government sites are considered much more valued sites and links coming from those sites are valuable. You need to search and find such sites.
Do a simple search on Google with this search term:…G=Search&hl=en

You may use another perfect search term special for edu blogs:…22&btnG=Search

With this string you will get all .edu blogs that allow posting comments and do not require to be logged in. Hope you find this string perfect. You can experiment with it for all kind of domains, it’s up to you. Make blog comments and put links in them, make sure your comment is genuine and not spam. You have to read the whole topic and find something to comment on the topic, job is done. After doing some comments maybe in a week you will see in Google index that you have links from .edu domain or .gov
7. Social Bookmarking Site Submission
This is the newest technique to get quality backlinks to your site. These days people like to share their interests in social bookmarking sites. Posting your interesting article to such sites will boost your traffic and give you thousands of visitors. But it is not so easy as it sounds – you have to write really good article, or news or something very very interesting to get your article on first page of these sites.
Don’t waste your time or money submitting to sites that don’t receive traffic! Use this list of sites for the best social bookmarking results PR 9 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6
8. Forum posts
This is the way I like best for getting backlinks. Find forums that are in your niche and create account with them. In userpage write your homepage and you have a backlink. DO a search on Google and you will see how many forums are out there, you will be amazed. Do this process many many times and you will have one way links pointing to your site.You can combine this with forum posts and this way you will get your signature shown much more times. Personally to me it doesn’t matter that forums have nofollow tags, Google still counts that as a link to you.
9. Blog comments
Another great way of letting the world know about your site. This method is similar to forum comments, again most of the blogs comments have nofollow tags but Google still count this as a backlink. Here is another good way to get a backlink from a blog’s main page:
Find blogs that have “top comments” or “recent comments” plugins, this way if you are top commentator you will get your link on the main page of a blog. Do this with blogs that fall into your category. I didn’t knew that but a friend told me this method and I must say that I see good results for now.
10. Get a link on a mainpage of PR 9 sites
This one you probably do not know but I am going to share it. Spare some time, do a search for sites that have PR 9 and have a donation section in their mainpage. I am sure there are at least 20 such sites. In this donation section they post latest 20 or 30 donators. Do a donation for at least 1$ and you will see your site listed there. T

How does the black market work?

I find it interesting and cool how the whole underground market works can anyone explain it more deeply like the process and how they stay low key.

A black market or underground economy is the market in which illegal goods are traded. Due to the nature of the goods traded, the market itself is forced to operate outside the formal economy, supported by the established state power. Typically the totality of such activity is referred to with the definite article as a complement to the official economies, by market for such goods and services, e.g. "the black market in bush meat" or the state jurisdiction "the black market in China".

There is no single underground economy; there are many. These underground economies are omnipresent, existing in market oriented as well as in centrally planned nations, be they developed or developing. Those engaged in underground activities circumvent, escape or are excluded from the institutional system of rules, rights, regulations and enforcement penalties that govern formal agents engaged in production and exchange. Different types of underground activities are distinguished according to the particular institutional rules that they violate. Five specific underground economies can be identified:

criminal acts
the illegal economy
the unreported economy
the unrecorded economy
the informal economy

The "illegal economy" consists of the income produced by those economic activities pursued in violation of legal statutes defining the scope of legitimate forms of commerce. Illegal economy participants engage in the production and distribution of prohibited goods and services, such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and prostitution.

The "unreported economy" consists of those economic activities that circumvent or evade the institutionally established fiscal rules as codified in the tax code. A summary measure of the unreported economy is the amount of income that should be reported to the tax authority but is not so reported. A complementary measure of the unreported economy is the "tax gap", namely the difference between the amount of tax revenues due the fiscal authority and the amount of tax revenue actually collected. In the U.S. unreported income is estimated to be $2 trillion resulting in a "tax gap" of $450–$500 billion.

The "informal economy" comprises those economic activities that circumvent the costs and are excluded from the benefits and rights incorporated in the laws and administrative rules covering property relationships, commercial licensing, labor contracts, torts, financial credit and social security systems. A summary measure of the informal economy is the income generated by economic agents that operate informally. The informal sector is defined as the part of an economy that is not taxed, monitored by any form of government, or included in any gross national product (GNP), unlike the formal economy. In developed countries the informal sector is characterized by unreported employment. This is hidden from the state for tax, social security or labour law purposes but is legal in all other aspects. On the other hand, the term black market can be used in reference to a specific part of the economy in which contraband is traded.

Salesforce Solutions Demo – Communications Industry

0 Salesforce Solutions Demo   Communications IndustryCommunications service providers are connecting with customers like never before to grow their business with Salesforce. Sales, Marketing, Service, IT – the whole company – can now work together to find and engage prospects in new channels, easily create compelling on-line commerce sites, arm retail agents with everything they need in-hand, deliver seamless customer service, and enjoy a collaborative, productive employee base – all from the leader in enterprise cloud computing.

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