4-Day Money Making Blueprint.Article Writing Service.Affiliate Internet Marketing.Article Marketing

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Video 2 Introduction to Bum Marketing (15:00 min)

Video one and two are an introduction to the course, what Bum Marketing is
all about and how to actually go about using the course effectively.

There’s actually some pretty good info in these two videos and I kind of go off
on a tangent a bit about getting yourself in the right frame of mind to be
successful. Staying focused is vital so I have to talk about it!

Make sure you watch these two videos before you start reading the eBook
that comes along with the video series as this will help you master each
concept and follow the plan in the proper sequence.
Video 3: Introduction to Finding a Profitable Niche (11:18 min)
Video 4: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 1 (28:00 min)
Video 5: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 2 (46:53 min)
Video 6: Finding a Profitable Niche, Part 3 (28:03 min)
Video 7: Finding a profitable Niche, Part 4 (17:24 min)

Wow! If you ever had the question about how to find a profitable niche, I think
you have finally found the answer. These videos go into exactly how to find a
niche, the main source I use to get niche ideas, checking out experts in
uncovered niches, looking at competition to see if the niche is profitable and
much, much more.

I could sell just one of these videos for the price you paid for this entire
course!Are you beginning to see the incredible value here?
Video 8: Keyword Research Part 1 (17:22 min) Part 2 (14:50 min)

The two hours plus videos on finding a niche goes into keyword research and
it is mentioned several times throughout the course.

A lot of people make this harder than it needs to be so I put together a very
concise and easy to follow method for doing your keyword research.

Actually, you don’t even need to find the keywords yourself, I show you where
to find thousands of long tail keywords and all you have to do is see if there
are an adequate number of searches each month for the phrase and if the
competition is at a manageable level.

We will go into exactly how to check for search volume and competition to
determine if the keyword can be used successfully.
Video 9: Introduction to Article Marketing (26:22 min)

Far from “just” an introduction, this video goes over a lot of examples of
theory behind article marketing.

I show you that you do not need to be a great writer to be an effective article
marketer and make a ton of money… A lot of folks from all over the world with
limited abilities structuring a well written article are getting first page ranks.

This video goes over titles, article body, resource boxes and some of the
best ways to construct each of these important parts of an article that will not
only get found by the search engines but will be read by the searcher.

Another video that could stand alone but is just an “introduction”.
Video 10: Introduction to EzineArticles.com (24:39 min)

I absolutely love EzineArticles.com but it was not always that way. I got
declined a number of times when I first started submitting articles and it took
forever to reach Platinum status because of numerous violations that I did not
even realize I was making.

This video will introduce you to EzineArticles.com and give you some valuable
tips and advice on how to write and submit your articles so they will sail
through the approval process and get published as quickly as possible!

EZA is going to be your bread and butter so you need to make sure you play
by their rules in the beginning and don’t start off on the wrong foot!

This video will help you do just that.
Video 11: List of Top Article Directories (16:53 min)

There’s a whole lot of debate and confusion on how many article directories
you should submit to and which are the most effective.

I’ll share with you my list of top directories and what I think about each of
them. I’ll also share my views on article spinners and article submission

Duration : 0:7:15

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