How to Write an Author Resource Box Bio That Increases Clickthroughs by 300%

0 How to Write an Author Resource Box Bio That Increases Clickthroughs by 300% Don’t make your author resource box too long, with too many clickable links or without a clear call to action. Not only will some article sites reject this as a violation of their Terms of Service, it confuses your readers. KEEP IT SIMPLE! On most article sites, you can create multiple resource boxes with clickable links to different webpages that correspond to the article subject matter. Take advantage of these.

Tip # 1 – Keep articles between 350 – 500 words. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point. Tom suggests that if your article is 1000 words or more, break it up into two articles. This will give you more material anyway!

Tip # 2 – Be sure to always use the Spell Checkers that the sites provide. I’ve seen way too many people submit without spell checking and the article site will reject it. Too much bad spelling and grammar, and you may not get valuable submission upgrades and could possibly have your account suspended.

Don’t believe that this sounds like too much trouble…it’s good practice when submitting articles to other respectable websites that can provide you valuable backlinks, lead generation and credibility. Article distribution sites get high quality traffic and quick results. It is an important marketing tool that every successful online business uses. If you have any questions, just call us!

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