IAF Article Template Creation Made Easy

0 IAF Article Template Creation Made EasyIf you would like to see or use Instant Article Factory http://www.luisteixeira.co.za/iaf.php

If however you do not have the time or patience of creating your own template, why not make use of a service that creates a template for you for next to nothing.


If there are any questions please feel free to comment and I will gladly respond!

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6 thoughts on “IAF Article Template Creation Made Easy

  1. texsa


    I …


    I had just lost 30 minutes work (first time using the software), plus I was worried about using so much time and perhaps not having enough original content anyway.

    So, lost time minimal (didn’t do whole article because I am used to these things not actually working), and now I do know how to safeguard the work done and go for OC.

    Paul Smith

  2. One question, if …
    One question, if the originality of the template was only 4% what did it end up being and what were the next ones compaired to the former ones. I am a noobe at this so I am not to fluent in IAF though a growing fan. Thanks for your help ljjtex79, it is good to see people trying to help others out there!

  3. @ HankJMH only a …
    @ HankJMH only a pleasure I am glad you found it informative

  4. Luis, excellent …
    Luis, excellent video! Very thorough and easy to understand. Excellent material and presentation. This really helped. Thanks so much for making and posting this video.

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