What are the best article writing services?

Want to use articles for SEO, what are the best article submitting services online? What are the cheapest? What are the best article submission providers (no software or bots, I don’t like those) I am using http://www.articler.com to submit my own articles but I think I need more sites to maximize my revenues.

You should knock classy article writing professionals, they do write and submit the articles in multiple article directories, publication platforms, WEB 2 properties etc.

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  1. More of the pros seem to recommend just submitting to a few of the biggest article directories, some of these want original un-spun content, so part of your strategy is the order of submissions, getting approved by those requiring exclusivity before submitting to the lesser sites, writing quality content that webmasters actually want to reprint may be most important.

    A couple of article writing brokers I have heard of: iwriter.com and TextBroker.com

    The serious semi-automation tool is SEnukeX, probably too much for the owner of a single site, it speeds several link getting processes.
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  2. Go for WEB 2.0 sites to submit your articles… Don’t place your article on same site again and again. Do variety of work.
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  3. Ezine Articles are the best from the ones I have tried. You can also Google and see other people’s reviews. Hal Smith
    Consultant – URLdreamer
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  4. When you mentioned that you need to build more quality backlinks for your website, you are actually right. And there are good article sites which you can consider including Ezine. Not only that there are other ways through which you can get backlink to your site, and you should not ignore them too.
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