Article Submit Auto(ArticleSubmitAuto) – Article Submission in five minutes or less!

0 Article Submit Auto(ArticleSubmitAuto)   Article Submission in five minutes or less!

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Dominic Tays Article Submission Software is a fully automatic system, which requires you only to create the article content while taking care of the WHOLE article distribution process on complete Autopilot! Dominics ArticleSubmitAuto is an incredibly easy-to-use online article submitter any internet marketers can use to promote their articles.

What makes it stand out from other article submitters is that:

1. ArticleSubmitAuto submits your articles only to high ranking and high traffic article sites like EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleAlley, ArticleCity, SearchWarp, Ideamarketers, and many more Imagine the amount of traffic all these article sites have. Wait till you check out the list of such sites ArticleSubmitAuto supports. Youll be amazed!

In fact, the traffic you get by submitting to these sites are probably more than what those hundreds of junk unknown article sites have combined together.

2. ArticleSubmitAuto automatically create unique copies of the same article and submits a different copy to different article sites. This is Ultra Cool! Since submitting unique articles to different article sites increases the number of backlinks to your site.

Wait Theres More!

Unlike many other article submitters that require users to click the Submit Button for each article submission site, ArticleSubmitAuto only requires a single click of a button to run on autopilot!

ArticleSubmitAuto is nothing like those semi-automatic article submission software which requires you to press the submit button for each article site. This is something ELSE!

Being a marketer himself, Dominic understands that our time could be better spent at writing another article instead of just clicking the silly Submit Button for each article site.

Thats why ArticleSubmitAuto is called the 100% Automatic Online Article Submitter – You click a single Submit button and your articles are submitted to those high ranking article sites immediately – without any additional effort on your part (like how it has worked for me)!

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