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The object of this method is one of the best ways to submit your company’s data and affiliate pay code links/hoplinks is to type short articles to be posted to the web. If you do your own research you will see that this is one of the top promotion methods recommended by Web masters. What this will accomplish is 1.) to get back-links to your company’s affiliate pay code links/hoplinks, and 2.) to get a reader’s attention about the company’s product you are doing the data submission. If the reader decides to visit the company’s Web site you have posted in your article through your affiliate pay code links/hoplinks, then you have the opportunity of getting paid. The articles you will submit will be picked up by Internet directories, search engines, and websites as well. This will create a large reader base for your articles. We are going to show you how to post your articles to the largest Internet article companies using the Search Engine Optimization submission posting tools.

How to prepare articles:
When preparing your articles you will want to create them in a certain manner. You do not need to type a novel a simple two or three-paragraph article relating to the company you are doing the data submission for. You also do not want to make it sound too much like an advertisement, just some simple facts about the company you are submitting.

This is why you want to do some good research about the company you are submitting from PayDotCom, Clickbank, and/or Click2Sell so you can pick out some good points about the company to include in your article. To better help you on how to format your articles for publication, you can go to Ezine Articles article posting site and read various articles to get an idea on how to format them for publishing.

A) How To Automated Article SEO Submitting?
B) How To Manually Article SEO Submitting?

► Read text tutorial on how to write an article?

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