Automatic Article Submitter Review video

0 Automatic Article Submitter Review video Video introduction for review on the Automatic Article Submitter.

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5 thoughts on “Automatic Article Submitter Review video

  1. @MLMProsOnline same …
    @MLMProsOnline same here I am having a lot of problems with it. I have went through every step exactly spent hours confiming a lot of the semi automatic accounts a well. I have submitted 2 articles and all I get is error or no log in info. I bought mine directly from Milan’s the creators site.

  2. Mine would not …
    Mine would not download either. Then I found a link from Plimus that allowed me to download the program. Which will not work. Can’t save my articles, does not spin, will not submit, and NO HELP from the developer or his support team. It’s been two weeks!!

  3. Who did you buy it …
    Who did you buy it from? What do you mean it didn’t work? That it didn’t work in general or that you didn’t get any results from it? I’ve been using mine for 3 months now and have been getting great results.

  4. I’ve heard from a …
    I’ve heard from a few people that have had this problem with them lately. It’s too bad because this software rocks. I’m still able to use mine without any problems, it looks like it’s just a problem with new downloads. My business partner is actually friends with the developer so I’m going to contact him to see what’s going on. I’ll give everyone an update when I talk with him.

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