How To Automated Article SEO Submitting?

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How Often You Should Submit Links to Search Engines? You will only need to submit each affiliate pay code links/hoplinks once every 30 days or longer. This means you can submit as many of your PayDotCom, Clickbank and/or Click2Sell company affiliate pay code links/hoplinks as you would like, just do not repeat the same exact link within 30 days of original submission date.

In this section of training we will provide you a software tool known as an automated search submitter software program. We will give you step-by-step instructions from downloading to submitting your affiliate pay code links/hoplinks with this tool.

You can download the free software from to be placed on your computer, so you can submit any of your affiliate pay code links/hoplinks to this software when you choose.

NOTE: If you have any issues with the software then use the “Manual Search Submitter” I also provided:

► Read text tutorial version of this video:

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