How to Make $1000.00 Over and Over From FaceBook

0 How to Make $1000.00 Over and Over From FaceBook

In this video I will show you how you can make lots of money online using facebook.

Facebook has over 500 million users and it’s a perfect place for you to make lots of money! Facebook isn’t just a place for kids, or for people to find their old friends from high school… it’s a great platform for you to find targeted people for your targeted offers.

If Facebook was a country it would be the 7th largest in the world!

All you need to do is tap into Facebook using this secret formula and you’ll make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Check out REAL proof of how much money you can make thanks to Facebook…

The first time I saw this I really wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

I was actually pretty upset about the whole situation.

For the last 3 years I have literally spent thousands of hours
building my business with things like
seo, article marketing, and a bunch of other very time consuming
and tedious ways of making money.

I have been building backlinks and waiting weeks and even months to
rank in the search engines for competitive keywords only to be
bumped off.

I have spent thousands on traffic and countless other services

And I am sure you have too because that is what they told us to do.

Well when I came across this I realized I was wasting time on
boring tasks that take forever and only bring in a small amount of
results compared to what I am about to show you.

I actually thought this was the only way to get traffic and sales
and then this comes around and changes everything.

In the last year I have made more money than I have in the last 5
years of my life combined.

But in the last few months I have noticed a slight drop in traffic
and sales all because the competition is getting fierce.

One day I woke up and everything started to change, seo started
getting harder, advertising costs were going through the roof.

And everyday more people are rushing in by the thousands to make
money online only making the competition even more fierce.

I submitted an article the other day and it only got 17 views, I
submitted a youtube video and after 2 weeks it only had 87 views.

So this means I would have to quadruple my work time, and double my
advertising cost’s just to stay profitable.

My passion was actually becoming more of a job, and if
you know anything about me you know I hate jobs, I despise them.

I found myself…

… writing all day,

… paying for expensive ads,

… looking for the next new opportunity,

… constantly trying to catch up on Google’s latest rules,

… spending too much time in forums trying to learn,

… buying crappy reports from people who clearly haven’t
used their own systems to make money…

…and basically draining myself of my precious time and energy.

So when something comes along that completely changes everything you
thought you knew about making money online you kind of feel lied

This is exactly what happened to me when I discovered what other
marketers were doing to make their money.

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How to market without money

0 How to market without money

Many people market a home business with no money. If you have a lot of time on your hands, there are ways that you can market your home business online for free.

One way to earn money for free is through Project Payday, this is an affiliate program where all you need to do is refer people to the site for a way to earn money for free. What an Idea, Project Payday pays you every time a person puts there name and email address on their page to sign up for free. No one has to buy anything. They are paying you just for the referrals you send to them.

On the internet you can market your website, products and services to millions of potential customers for free.
There are hundreds of ways you could market your home business for free. Blogging is one of those ways, If I had to start all over again from the beginning, I would definitely concentrate on blogging. It is an excellent way to market your home business with no money, and you can setup a blog for free too.

Post a new article to your blog regularly and syndicate your content.
Post only unique articles, Using scraped and duplicate content will only hurt your online reputation and be penalized by the search engines.

Forums: Online forums are a great way to market your home business for free. Only post new replys when you can add some value to the discussion, do not post just because you can. For every reply you post, you will get a link back at your website. Try to post daily.

Article Writing: Articles are one of the absolute best ways to market your home business for free. It is also the most time consuming because you need to write articles that are interesting, unique and has a real value to the reader. If the article can provide a solution to a problem, even better!

When you start writing an article, make 2 different versions of it. Post one on your blog and submit one to the biggest article directories.
There are some guidelines to successful article marketing that you should know about. In my opinion the best article directories are Ezine articles, and

Use these ideas to market your home business with no money, and soon you will see visitors and sales. It is important to know that marketing is not a one-time thing, you need to do this daily, weekly and monthly.

To your Success,

Ron and Laura Perkins Visit

Article marketing, articles, blogging, forums, home business, market your home business with no money, marketing for free

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Make More Money with Twitter Online using Karma

0 Make More Money with Twitter Online using Karma
I went from “0″ to “1200″ followers on Twitter in under 48 hours. Using the free “Karma” service is a key part of my success on Twitter as an Internet Marketer.

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Social marketing tips: How do you write a great blog?

0 Social marketing tips: How do you write a great blog?Social marketing tips from Penny Power, Founder of business social network Ecademy, whom talks about the power of a great blog, and how you can get it behind your site. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at
Penny Power: How would you actually phrase a blog, how would you write? I think people have different writing styles, again remember its not about broadcasting, people dont want to be broadcasted out. I find the most enjoyable blogs are ones where people, I feel like they’re talking to me, I feel like they’re sharing some useful information, its not, they’re not too long and they know when to stop rambling, they know something that’s interesting and they’re saying it in a conversational style so I would tend to sit down and write something almost as if I was having a conversation with someone. Broadcasting is something you shouldnt do; just shouting the information to people is very off putting.

Have you got a great business, idea, product or service, but you just can’t get the revenue growth you are looking for? If you’d like your business to be considered for the Million Dollar Challenge click here

Find out more about the very latest in Million Dollar team developments and news by visiting our blog at

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Online Marketing New York City – SEO Social Media Marketing Web Design Consulting NYC

0 Online Marketing New York City   SEO Social Media Marketing Web Design Consulting NYC 1-347-666-8105 Get A Free Consultation. Grow Your Business & Build Your Brand With A Strong Online Presence.

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New York City
Staten island

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Article Marketing Secrets

0 Article Marketing Secrets Article Marketing Secrets is something that has been used by internet marketers since the inception of the Dot Com boom. I would hardly call it a secret, as many marketers know and have learned about the power that article marketing, yet still refuse to invest the time and energy into writing articles and submitting them to multiple directories.

Why should every marketer be doing article marketing? Simply because Google’s entire algorithm is based on content; not just any content but relevant content that is maintained, updated and visited frequently. I’m sure that you have heard the phrase, “Content is King,” well it’s absolutely true.

In doing article marketing, results want come easy. You must have lots of content and a lot of back links in order for you website to begin to climb the rankings of the search engines, which is every internet marketers dream. This process is called SEO or search engine optimization. To get you started with article marketing one needs to be highly motivated and have a goal of the number of articles that you plan to write on a daily basis. One article a day is a good start, but the secret is creating many. As you get more comfortable writing them, it is best to scale that number up to maybe 3 to 5 a day. Ideally, you want to have thousands of articles in internet marketing land all pointing back to your websites. Here are a few tips to follow when creating articles.

1. Focus on low competition keywords. Use the Google keyword tool to find keywords that receive about 3,000 searches a month and have less than 100,000 competing websites. Once you have identified 10 to 25 keywords, you can start writing.

2. Be sure to place back links to all your articles. All article directories allow you to leave a link or website in the resource box. Remember placing these links with every article will give your sites more link juice, thus improving your rankings.

3. Write a ton of articles. Set a goal to write 1000 articles. Get to the point where you are writing 10 articles a day if possible.

4. Remember to submit to all the major article marketing directories, such as Ezine articles and Go Articles and other web 2.0 sites. A good idea would be to use software to spin your articles and submit them automatically on the internet. There are many services that you can purchase that will do this for you.

5. Lastly, if you absolutely hate writing articles, you can most definitely outsource them. There are plenty of people online that are willing to create high quality content for you for pennies on the dollar. You can check VA Classroom, Odesk or even the Warrior Forum. Once you find someone that is good stick with them and scale your article writing up.

Don’t underestimate the power of article marketing. Many marketers start out doing it and become bored and inpatient. The small percentage of marketers that stick with it are completely dominating the search engines. There are many marketers who earn full-time incomes from writing 20 articles a day along; driving traffic to their websites, getting optins and making sales. These secrets can be the foundation and core part of your internet marketing business. Stay focused and never stop writing articles.

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SEO, Bed Bugs and Blogging – How To Write Blog and Article Headlines Faster -

0 SEO, Bed Bugs and Blogging   How To Write Blog and Article Headlines Faster  A recent NY Times article on online marketing read: “A Pitched Battle Over Bedbugs in Online Search Advertising” – how many ways can you spin this title in 2 minutes?

I love posting links to other people’s articles and videos but frequently get bogged down when trying to create titles that effectively re-phrase the original headline in a timely manner.

This video shows how you can easily use the original article headline to create new SEO headline variations with the press of a few keystrokes.

More details at

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Article Writing Service

0 Article Writing Service
When you suddenly feel like it is time to outsource your content to an article writing service so you can concentrate your time on the parts of your business that create the best revenue, do you know the traits you need to look for? Some businesses will return content to you that is so poorly written it will in reality diminish your earnings while others dispense content that makes your income rise. Choosing the correct business from the start is as simple as knowing the factors a great article writing business must own.

Having a great team of writers is the first factor you need to look for in an Article Writing Service. This is probably the most critical trait because it will alleviate the tension of consistently having to explain your needs to writers. A good team of writers will be able to deliver articles that will meet your needs no matter which team member is creating your content. No matter what happens, you know you will get consistent content without having to explain your needs to another writer.

Article Drove provides 100% unique, keyword-optimized, and quality-driven articles written by a team of professional, full-time writers.

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Article Writing Service — Top 6 traits They Need

2 Article Writing Service    Top 6 traits They NeedArticle Drove supplies 100% unique, keyword-optimized, and quality-driven articles composed by a team of professional, full-time writers. To hear more information about our Article Writing Service please go visit

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