Draconian Cost Cuts Hurt Big Marketers

0 Draconian Cost Cuts Hurt Big MarketersNEW YORK (YouTube.com/AdAge) — Along with being the world’s largest advertising holding company, WPP Group has built itself into the fourth largest business research company — trailing only Thompson-Reuters, Bloomberg and Nielsen. One area of market data in which CEO Martin Sorrell has taken a particular interest is that regarding cost cutting by large marketers around the globe. He warned the recent Ad-Tech conference in New York about the long-term results of today’s draconian cuts in marketing service budgets.

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Best automated solution for IP-based network protocol and service modeling and testing

0 Best automated solution for IP based network protocol and service modeling and testingMu Studio, by Mu Dynamics, is a recent innovation in the field of service assurance testing that is rapidly being adopted by Fortune 500 companies because it uniquely addresses security and robustness testing in the 21st century converged network marketplace.
Currently used by numerous next generation IP service providers, network operators, and critical infrastructure developers, the Mu Dynamics Test Suite provides the best all-in-one bomb-proofing system for when uptime matters most.
This new module allows operators to model any protocol, public or proprietary, to simulate mutation or fuzzing effects and monitor the results to provide unparalleled insight into protocol implementation oversights for voice, video, and secure data encryption.
There’s no better time than after your next multi million dollar outage to give Mu Dynamics a call about the new Mu Studio module and it’s other proactive service assurance solutions.

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