Shopping Carts and Payment Processing – Tip # 5 & 6 – Sell Online

0 Shopping Carts and Payment Processing   Tip # 5 & 6    Sell OnlineGrow your business at
Add a catalogue, shopping cart and payment processor to start selling now.
Add paypal payment processing!

Using eBay or Amazon – a small business can sell products fast! ‘Do it your – self ers’ – your Domain Host or ISP has tools to help you!

If you sell SERVICES or Products & SERVICES – you may need a different solution.

Shameless PLUG for — The SMALL BUSINESS Marketplace to list and sell your SERVICES — and the only place on the web where you can deliver your SERVICES to customers using a collaborative service delivery tool to ensure a TOP QUALITY Customer Experience. Your Customer will come back for more – time and again!

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0 Ecommerce Services Introduction VideoWatch as describes their e-commerce services and introduces their up-and-coming groundbreaking storefront software with built-in marketing and SEO features. Video produced by

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Client Testimonial – DMX Direct provides an extensive array of marketing and direct mail services

0 Client Testimonial   DMX Direct provides an extensive array of marketing and direct mail servicesVisit us at
Contact us by visiting or by calling 303-339-9300.
Please view these client testimonials to understand what DMX Direct is all about and how we can improve your marketing communications.
About DMX Direct, Inc. –
The company was originally founded to support mutual fund shareholder communication services providing such back office services as literature fulfillment, financial printing, warehousing, EDGAR filing, data processing householding, direct mail and e-Delivery.
DMX has expanded upon this foundation to provide enhanced direct marketing and fulfillment solutions to telecommunications, healthcare, publishing, travel, gaming, information services, financial and high technology companies, employing the DMX discipline of Extreme QCSM.
Our clients enjoy improved ROI via effective direct response marketing and exemplary data and fulfillment services. These direct response marketing services include acquisition, retention, loyalty and reactivation programs. Production services include print, mail, email, as well as the latest in e-commerce. Many of our services include Web-based components that provide operational efficiencies and improve customer service.
The business of direct marketing and fulfillment is highly complex and incorporates many disciplines. DMX employees are disciples of experience. We recognize there is no substitute for high standards. Each member of the account team understands their contribution to the process and is keenly aware of where their expertise is best suited.
The DMX commitment is to integrate with your marketing and operations team, helping make informed decisions specific to your business. We set high standards for our services and focus on responding to our customer’s needs with flexibility, timeliness and integrity. We make it our objective to help you reach your goals in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible, while establishing superior quality and accountability for our work. DMX is direct marketing with a measurable difference, making it possible for your company to realize increased ROI and the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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Cybertegic – Internet Marketing Service Company and Ecommerce Solution

0 Cybertegic   Internet Marketing Service Company and Ecommerce SolutionCybertegic Inc. is an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in internet marketing services. We have SEO services, as well as Ecommerce solutions for Internet businesses.

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0 Marketing/SEO Services Introduction VideoWatch as describes their marketing and SEO features and introduces their new services for e-commerce website owners, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to improve product exposure Online. Video produced by

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