Instant Article Wizard 3 Ultimate Tutorial

0 Instant Article Wizard 3 Ultimate Tutorial Purchase Your Access Now For Only $7. Your Purchase Will Immediately Be Delivered As A Software Download.

Learn here what Instant Article Wizard can do:

Gather and dissect THOUSANDS of pages of research on ANY topic you choose in SECONDS.

Break the research down into subtopics so you can break your content into relevant sections with ease.

Generate paragraphs of content based on the topics you choose with ease.

Rewrite the research using the integrated The Best Spinner thesaurus.

Verify the output articles are unique by checking them against Copyscape AND highlighting the parts of the article that Copyscape considers “duplicate”. (Requires a Copyscape Premium account — not included.)

Gather research from Google Web Results, Microsoft Word files, Adobe PDF files, content-rich articles, product reviews, Google Scholar, Google News and Google US Gov’t search.

Built-in support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (but it will work with virtually any language).

Get results from DOZENS of countries supported by Google.

Export to virtually any other spin format for compatibility with other systems.

Built-in Keyword Research from Google Trends and a Keyword Suggestion tool.

Saves you work in Projects so you can use the same research to write many articles.

Allows you to run many queries at once from any or all of the available sources.

Runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


What is Niche Marketing?

The word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area of demand for a product or service”. ‘Marketing’ is defined as: “The opportunity to buy or sell”. If you put the two works together, niche marketing means buying or selling a product or service in a special area of demand. All that really means is that a product or service is being sold to the people who are most interested in that particular product or service and not to the world in general.

Oftentimes big businesses use niche marketing. For example, a company that makes computers and computer accessories might advertise all-in-one copy/printer/scanners to the home computer user while at the same time advertising single function machines to large businesses.

One of the things that make niche marketing so attractive to sellers is that their advertising budgets go further. It costs less to advertise to a specialized market than it does to advertise to a broader market.

Niche marketing must be designed to meet the unique needs of the targeted audience. Niche marketers must tailor their product to meet those unique needs. If, for example, you have designed a product to make poodle grooming easy enough for the untrained professional to do it, those who own poodles will be most interested in your product. Those who own Blood Hounds or cats couldn’t care less. If you have written an e-book that will explain how to start and succeed at an online business, those who are looking for that information are your niche market. Those who are happy doing what they are doing are not interested at all.

Niche marketing is a very effective and cost efficient way to advertise and sell specific products or services to a specific audience or, hopefully, buyers of that product or service.

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Instant Article Submitter-Auto Submission To 200 …

0 Instant Article Submitter Auto Submission To 200 ...

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Automated Article Submission
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Article Writing | Essay Write | Ezine Articles

0 Article Writing | Essay Write | Ezine Articles – Article Submission

We all know that the article is one important component in the invite search engines to get top rank on a site

Especially articles with unique content

Now a convenience for the webmasters in creating the site has to offer

By using article spinner, one article into hundreds of articles

Hundreds of articles is a good way to attract visitors to your web site

The principle is that another synonymous replaces every word in the content

And a series of sentences from this synonym word change can produce hundreds of articles

So, armed with an article with unique content, you can create hundreds of pages on your web site, and the result will be a strong site because it has a strong internal linking

If you want to try,

Simply visit:

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