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0 Organic SEO Services   Search Engine Optimization   Video Marketing Social Media Web Design Organic Seo Services 1-774-810-0472 Visit our web site for a free report. Internet Marketing Services specializing in SEO, Web Design, Social Media and Video Marketing to the Small Business Community.

A Cape Cod Internet Service Company providing web and internet services. As we approach our 7th year, we’ve learned that our best client is a happy client… That’s our incentive to always perform at the top of our game.

From routine web site redesign to full service SEO…Organic SEO Services is ready to meet all your Internet Marketing needs. We strive to exceed your expectations with outstanding customer service.

As a full service, professional Internet SEO provider you can count on us. Serving a large market we look forward to putting our experience and reputation to work for you. We personally stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee…Please feel free to contact us for any internet marketing problems you are experiencing.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization Services – Manual SEO Services

0 Organic Search Engine Optimization Services   Manual SEO Services

Professional Search Engine Optimization

Link Building is ultimately the key factor to achieving a top ranking position for your site in the search engines.

To improve the search engine position of your website, it is imperitive that you obtain as many one-way links to your site as possible.
The more one-way links with niche keywords, the higher your search engine ranking.
Building a one-way links can be time-consuming.
With our complete link building package, you will get thousands of links coming back to your site for your niche keyword.

Our link building package is a combination of all the very basic and extremely important link building services.
Link Pyramids include :

Web2.0 Creation
Blog Commenting
Local Business Submission
Hubpage Creation
Social Bookmarking
Directory Submission
Press Release Writing
Press Release Submission
Article Writing
Article Submission
Youtube Video Promotion
Squidoo Lens creation

Professional Search Engine Optimization projects are executed over a period of time ensuring that you do not get flagged for high link velocity and that things look absolutely white-hat and natural.

Our process works like this:

1. Get the homepage URL and content from Client. Optimize if required.

2. Define the main core keyword and all the branch keywords in the keyword group theme (Use LSI system if required).
Study the monthly traffic of each keyword, and decide the percentage spread that each keyword will be used as anchor text while making the linkpyramid.

3. Create headline variations that are keyword rich.

4. Create a master content template. This can be a few paragraphs to a long page with video embeds, images, audio, etc.

5. Create a list of Meta Tag / keywords.

6. Create content (headline, main body, anchor links, meta tags) variations that look genuine and provide value and are unique not only in content but also in layout and the way they are visually formatted (HTML variations used).

7. Choose Web2.0 Social Media sites for the main Hubsite from our internal data list of Tier 1 sites (this is where the master content will go).

8. Create accounts on these sites, wait for a few days, and then submit and upload the content to these hubsites.

9. Identify and submit unique blocks of content to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Social Network Sites, Video sharing Communities, Article Sites and Press Release Sites, etc.

10. Keep interlinking these sites carefully, keeping the rich content sites at the top of the pyramid structure and the smaller sites and large mass backlink sites at the base.
As the sites are created, follow the internal linking structure from our system so that the posts pass one-way link juice onto other posts, and none of the posts or the interlinked set of pages gets flagged by Search Engine bots.

11. Integrate a Social Bookmarking, RSS Feed Submission and Pinging strategy into all content pages that are created across all the various types of media sites.

12. Create the LinkPyramid over a span of days, slowly and gradually, ensuring it does not get flagged as a in-organically growing suspect link-farm.

13. Boost the LinkPyramid nodes with a bonus power one-way links every 3 to 4 days after the LinkPyramid is complete, to keep the link velocity intact and not become suspect.

14. Then boost all tiered links randomly with the large number of automated backlinks.

Check out our site and have a look at the full manual SEO package that we offer and please feel free to contact us for more info.

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