Online Marketing Tips: Effectively Leveraging the Knowledge in Your Head

0 Online Marketing Tips: Effectively Leveraging the Knowledge in Your Head

Hi! I’m Jeff Wessman of North Bank Audio Solutions. We specialize in helping coaches, consultants and service professionals get the most out of the knowledge they already have. Some of the ways I do this are with information products and online marketing strategies.

This video explains the importance of recording as much as possible in your coaching or consulting practice.

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Recording and repurposing teleseminars into information products, special reports, white papers, articles, blogs, online videos, press releases and more is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get the most you possibly can out of the knowledge you already have in your head.

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Traffic Tips – Article Marketing

0 Traffic Tips   Article MarketingClick for your free trial.
Is your site lacking views? You should get an assistant! You spent a lot of important time and money on hosting, building your website and creating articles. But where is the traffic? You aren’t going to give up on your blog after putting in all your time and money are you? I know you are going to keep get to the top with your website.
One time tested technique to build customers to your site is publishing articles.
The site is complete. The world needs to know about your site. Writing press releases and writing articles is a great technique to let everyone hear about the website. You will have to do a bit of work though. Writing your article is what you need to do. However, once that is completed we will take care of the rest. Quickly join up for a complementary trial of our Article Marketing Service to see how it works.
Our service is made of sites that mostly have page rank. Should you link back to your website in your article it will increase your websites’ ranking. We allow you to place links into the body of your press release unlike many article directories that only let you have links in your bio at the bottom of the site. back links in the body of your article are more natural to viewers.
Having more than 7000 domains in our service we have plenty of room to help grow your site.
Be sure to make your articles interesting and relevant to the viewer. Think the same as [your reader|the reader|the viewer. They require what? What do they want to become like? What pushed them to search for your key phrases? These are some important questions to think about when articles.
Be sure to remember that viewers judge a webpage in the first few seconds after landing on the site. Should they not find what they are looking for in those few seconds they will leave.
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